Abstract sine waves / raw shot on water

Video: Yigit Tanel Kacar

Audio: Aytac Aybak


SONIC LINES // Motus Lumina

Sonic Lines is an interactive audio-visual installation that generates 3D lines with abstract sounds. It is programmed with Quartz Composer / Ableton Live / VDMX5 and Touch OSC.

The video contains excerpts from the +Code / Noviembre Electronico Festival 07-14 11/2015



Collab on the water segment from the meditations on various realms.

Water; the source of life where it all began, the common denominator of all life on our precious planet earth. This is an audiovisual meditation , a contemplation of the forms, sounds and beauty of water and it's play with the Plant Kingdom. An exploration of our mother nature and reconnecting with it's spirit, the anima.

Video: Birds & Dinosaurs Studio, London 2019 (Ley Loosh & Tolga Tres)

Audio: Aytac Aybak



An abstract color transitions journey along the Soundscape for Dedicated Spaces

Video: Yigit Tanel Kacar

Audio: Aytac Aybak







sonixense is a multi-disciplinary collective on natural and tech based creations, following a line of sonic encounters and abstract visual arts, following a line of mediums through a research on sensory feedbacks and abstract AV encounters, seeking to connect various artists and build spaces for projects outside the borders of establishments. the embodiment of sound within a symbiotic relationship and for a good communication with the environment is the main life force of the works we try to create.


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